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Sharon Lyle

Sharon Lyle, originally from Minnesota, cultivated her creative spark amidst the landscapes of the Midwest. Her journey led her to UW-Stout, where she honed her skills in Graphic and Multimedia Design, complemented by a minor in Business Administration and Photography. Embracing the opportunities of study abroad, she delved into the artistic traditions of Nagasaki, Japan in 2008, and later expanded her horizons through photography classes in Scotland and Ireland in 2010. In 2018, her quest for knowledge took her to South Korea and Japan, where she immersed herself in the intricate realms of traditional paper crafts and fabric arts.

Venturing into the professional realm, Sharon made significant contributions at Fashion Angels Enterprises, where her meticulous attention to detail and profound understanding of the brand earned her recognition and a promotion to Assistant Production Design Manager over her decade-long tenure. Transitioning to Think Pawsitive Dog Training in Waukesha, WI, she now channels her expertise into the realm of marketing, tackling a diverse array of projects from photography and videography to social media management and graphic design.


Amidst her professional endeavors, Sharon finds solace in her passion for cosplay, gaming, and crafting, all while cherishing quality time with her beloved Shiba Inu, Sumomo. If you're interested in crafted items, please head over to her shop on Etsy via the menu!

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