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Welcome to TAILS Academy!

This video was created to showcase the dog daycare program, TAILS Academy, at Think Pawsitive Dog Training in Waukesha, WI. All but 2 video clips were shot by me. Created in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Through the Viewfinder

As part of the History of Photography class, we wrote a paper on something related to photography; I chose the Eastman-Kodak company and how they changed photography. For the final project we needed to make a video relating back this paper. I came across this technique where you use your DSLR to take photos through an old box camera. I used my Nikon D90 and a vintage Kodak Duraflex III camera. Created in iMovie.

Ikko Tanaka: Man of Light

This was created for my Type in Motion class. Project was select a graphic designer or an art movement and creat a 1-1.5 min video based on our research. I chose Ikko Tanaka because I really love the simplicity of his designs. Many of the pieces in this video I recreated so I had smooth animation. Having just gotten back from my study abroad in Nagasaki, Japan, I was very inspired by the art and culture there. Created in Adobe After Effects.

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