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Snippets with Sumomo - Agility Arena Tour

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Snippets with Sumomo, where I take you on a tour of the Think Pawsitive facility! Today we're looking at their indoor agility course. Did you know that it's 8,500 square feet of artificial turf? That's a lot of play area for me to run around in! And not just for playing, they host over 40 canine sports and activities here every year! They told me that I can always check out their calendar to see when the next event is. I know I'll be going! Maybe you should try it out with me?

"We offer some amazing workshops that teach you everything you need to know about being an agility

master! We even bring in trainers from all around the world to share with us their expertise!" said someone who gave me head pats while I was cooling down from playtime. I heard Think Pawsitive even has Ola Kordas visiting from Poland, how cool for her to do some workshops! If you want to take an Advanced Agility course with her, you can check out the workshop listings.

All this running around has me pooped! See you on the next

Snippets with Sumomo!

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